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Remembrance Day 2023

Over the past few weeks and months members of our community have dedicated their time creating the most spectacular displays for our community in commemoration of those who lost their lives during the war and those who continue to serve and give their lives so that we may live in peace. Just over two years ago, a small crafting/crocheting group was formed by Catherine Bailey, Karen Dee Holmes and Wendy Roddy, the then Manageress of the Willow Tree Pub on Rufford Way, called 'Stitch Up', it soon grew into a regular Tuesday evening event at The Willow Tree where it has continued to grow in popularity. They decided to commemorate Remembrance Sunday by creating a display along with Tracey & John Turrill, who undertook a further display at the Notice Board  based on the corner of Rufford Way & Buckfast Way. 

In the following photographs, you can see one of those displays 


Please take time to enjoy the following photographs and appreciate all the hard work done to make our community a better place to live.

 Our thanks go to :

John & Tracey Turrill for their fabulous Notice Board display.


Sue & Lol Andrews for helping with displays.


Abbey Park Stitch Up Group for their valiant efforts in creating their display at The Willow Tree Pub: Joanne Whittingham, Lisa Godden, Julie Salisbury, Ruth Kerry, Catherine Bailey, Karen Dee Holme , Theona Yates, Christine and Debs Machin-Smith and finally Ben Wheatley, the current Manager of the Willow Tree for allowing us to continue to display our creations.


Thank you to all those involved, you are all marvellous!

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Poppy Tracey
poppy Sue
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Poppy 3
Poppy Lol

The Willow Tree Poppy Display 

Poppy Display at The Willow Tree
Rose Poppy.jpg
Pins & Badges

Lend your support through a donation or purchasing one of the lovely items from The Royal British Legion
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Military Medals
Poppy Brooches
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