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APCA minutes

CHAIRS REPORT - 2022-2023 APCA meeting 7th November 2023

APCA have continued to meet through the last 12 month period to facilitate projects, raise issues with other bodies and to bring together the community. Projects and issues addressed this year have included the following.

Abbey Park Green Community Gardens
Sue and Joan have once again excelled at looking after the community gardens. The whole community owes them a debt of gratitude for the huge number of hours that are spent on looking after these areas.
Thanks also to Catherine, John and David for the work they have done clearing areas on Waltham Close.

Park improvements
After careful consideration with local residents and Rushcliffe Borough Council we look forward to the installation of two benches on the park in the near future. These will provide important opportunities for local residents to access the park and address and direct need that has been raised with the committee.
Opportunities for further tree planting near the existing copse have been discussed with Rushcliffe Borough Council.

Abbey Park Summer Gathering
Despite the inclement weather, September saw another successful summer gathering which brought the community together and raised funds which will be put towards projects in the coming year.
All of this work helps to maintain Abbey Park’s special distinctive character and helps to make it such a great place to live.

Litter picking
The litter picking group has continued to meet regularly. Many thanks to all involved and in particular Ruth for organising this.

Window Advent Calendar
Once again 25 windows were dressed for advent bringing more than a splash of Christmas cheer to the area. The event will be held again this year and we all look forward to the displays.

Book Group, Games Night, Knitting and Sewing Group
These groups continue to meet at the Willow Tree.

Remembrance Tributes
The poppy displays grow in size and complexity year on year. Many thanks to all involved in the amazing displays. This year they have been augmented by the lamp post poppies. Many thanks to Catherine for making them and Lol for putting them up!

Highways improvements
After continually raising the issue, yellow lines have now been implemented newar the junction of Buckfast Way and Abbey Road as well as the corner of Rufford Way opposite the Willow Tree. This will improve the safety of pedestrians particularly those walking to the schools across Buckfast Way.

Community Planters
The planters outside the shops on Abbey Road have been prepared and filled with plants by the committee with local businesses engaged in maintaining them. Plants will be refreshed twice a year with funds from the community association.

Grantham Canal
Links with the WeBCan group which Ruth is facilitating to help protect and improve the canal which is such a key element of Abbey Park life for many.

Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary
In the past year Linjoy have provided assistance with injured foxes and swans in the Abbey Park area. To recognise this APCA have made a small donation to this charity to say thank you for their efforts.

Thanks to all who have served on the committee over the past year and also to RBC and Notts County Councillor Penny Gowland for attending meetings and supporting APCA activities. And finally, thanks to community of Abbey Park area for continuing to make it such a wonderful place to live and work.

Kind regards,
Simon Middlecote – Chair

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