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The old bunker

Air Raid Shelter on Abbey Road

Abbey Park History

Abbey Park in West Bridgford estate is a pleasant and quiet area of West Bridgford with a diversity of cultures and was constructed in the mid– to late–70s on land that were previously uncultivated fields and allotments. The Willow Tree pub ( A free house) was constructed at the same time. The roads are named after famous abbeys and are laid out in a manner that precludes fast driving.

Divided in two, with the majority of homes being constructed for private purchase, there are a smaller number constructed for council tenants.There is a mix of three, four and five-bedroom homes on the private‐owned estate in townhousesemi-detached, link detached, and detached configurations, with a small number of bungalowsBisham Drive, Dale Close, Newstead Drive, Mountsorrel Drive, Fountains Close, WalthamClose, and Nearsby Drive form the larger housing areas with the houses arranged in cul-de-sacs. The two through-roads on the estate are Rufford Way and Buckfast Way.

Tewkesbury Close, Hexham Close, Bolton Close, and Furness Close, and includes some warden-aided accommodation for the elderly are to be found near the Old Council Depot site and a community Centre sits along side these dwellings.

Adjacent Abbey Circus houses a small green band notable for its WW2 air raid shelter, which is still in existence today. Earmarked for demolition in 1979 as the Cold War drew to a close, the 67 ft shelter (B34TYB) was mothballed but recently has been protected and is now considered to be a site of Special Scientific Interest

Side by side map

Side by side map OS 1:10,560, 1949-1969 map and present day

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