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Play Park Improvements

Abbey Park New Play Area

Dear Household, 


RE: Abbey Park Play Area Refurbishment 


Construction work to refurbish Abbey Park play area is due to take place at Abbey Park, Buckfast Way Play Area from Monday 7th of February  for approximately six weeks. 


We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time. This may include increased noise and traffic surrounding the site.


Please contact us by calling 0115 981 9911 or by emailing to discuss any further aspects of the project. 




Yours faithfully, 




Derek Hayden

Communities Manager

Rushcliffe Borough Council


Abbey Park Community Association is pleased to say that Rushcliffe Borough Council are proposing to improve the playground on Abbey Park. The drawing below produced by RBC shows the existing playground area being expanded with the improved facilities catering for a wider age range than the current ones. We understand that this is intended as a Phase 1 of potential improvements. We don't have any more details than shown on this drawing at this stage.

Subject to funding being available there is the potential for a Phase 2 which could include some football goals on the flat area between the trees/bank and the rear of the houses on Waltham Close - see drawing below. This Phase 2 would also be subject to the community thinking it was a good idea. Comments welcome below or to (Note that the orchard area shown on this drawing is more extensive than the tree planting intended to be undertaken by **APCA **this autumn.)

At the APCA meeting Tuesday 14th September 2021, we talked about the potential for outdoor gym equipment on the park. Again, comments welcome on this and also any other ideas you might have for ways the park could be improved / developed.

The intention is for park improvements to be subject of a future APCA committee meeting so it would be good to pool some ideas and thoughts so we can try and influence RBC's future thinking. We can also look at trying to access funding ourselves for particular projects or equipment. 

If you have any ideas that you feel might be suitable, please do let us know via our email. Your voice WILL be heard. 

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