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Abbey Park Housing Development 

Abbey Park was built by Costain Homes on land that was, until then, fields and allotments (see side by side maps below). The Willow Tree pub was constructed at the same time and remains an integral part of the community.

The estate is arranged in a series of cul-de-sacs with two through-roads, Rufford Way and Buckfast Way. The latter was only possible ofter No's 101 & 103 Abbey Road were demolished. The housing estate consists of townhouse, semi-detached, link detached, and detached houses, with a small number of bungalows. Bisham Drive, Dale Close, Newstead Drive, Mountsorrel Drive, Fountains Close, Waltham Close, and Nearsby Drive, are all named after famous abbeys.

side by side old and new Abbey Park .png

Our thanks go to Amanda Dennis for sending the following PDF files of the original sales information leaflets. 

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