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WeBCan updates

A lot of work goes on in between public meetings and here we aim to show some activities. Usually, it's down to something happening along or in the canal. Many of those times we work with Grantham Canal Society to ensure everything and everyone remains safe.

Map of the canal in West Bridgford

To the right is a simplified map of the stretch of the canal beginning at Gamston, Ambleside through to Trent Lock 1. 

Canal Clearance

Working Together
March 2023

WeBCan, GCS (Grantham Canal Society) & The West End Canal Volunteers have all worked together over several days to help clear sone of the banks, paths and the canal itself. Here are just a few photographs of their work.

Canal Clearance
Canal Clearance
Canal Clearance
Saving the ducklings

Duckling Barrier
April 2023

We recently heard that Chicks falling over the weir by the footpath 4b. Obviously, we wanted to make sure they were safe so we set about finding a solution to the problem. Hugh Crawford, Rob Cook & myself installed a floating barrier and secured it as best we could. Thankfully, the chicks were kept safe until such time that the barrier could be removed.

Saving the ducklings

Culvert Clearance!
May 2023

A stalwart of WeBCan, Paul Able has been regularly measuring the depth of the canal at various points. Worryingly, he has found the depth of water in the pound by the Twitchell in Lady Bay has decreased much more than anywhere else. Undeterred, Paul asked if anyone could supply him with rods to try and clear the blockage. 

Thanks to Rob Cook from GCS he was supplied with the equipment and managed to unblock the offending culvert. 

It appears someone had placed rockery stone, logs and even a coat inside it. Ours is not to reason why!


Shared Prosperity Fund May 2023

Paul Abel has worked incredibly hard to put in an application to Rushcliffe Shared Prosperity Fund for the money for a bore hole to top up the canal in dry weather. This doesn't mean we will get it but it is has taken a huge amount of perseverance to get this far.

Thank Paul if you see him, as well at the CRT and the Eltham Road allotments for their support..

Borehole with PV.png

Bore Hole & PV May 2023

A plan has been drawn up to possibly sink a borehole to draw off water from underground and pump it into the canal. To do this we had to find a suitable area. Janice Kerry at Eltham Road Allotments was approached to see if she was agreeable.


Janice couldn't have been more helpful and  totally supports WeBCan and the work we are doing to maintain the wellbeing of the canal. Our thanks go to Paul Able for pursuing this avenue and to Janice Kerry for her enthusiasm. 

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